Environmental Impacts Of Farming

Farming is a part of agriculture. It is basically a process of growing crops for food and raw materials. A farm is an area of land that is devoted primarily for farming and agricultural processes. The prime objective of agriculture is producing food and other crops. Whether it is done conventionally or organically, both have some degree of impact on the environment.  These days most of the farmers have farm insurance in Edmonton. The best farm insurance will make sure that you do not lose any of your farm assets just because of an accident. There are various types of farm insurance coverages, and you will require picking the one that satisfies you best. The insurance should be able to offer you with the compensate you in case some unwanted event occurs.

The Following Points Highlight the Three Main Impacts of Agriculture on the Environment

  • Degradation of Land

Degradation of Land

Land degradation is the process of deterioration of soil or loss of fertility of the soil. There are many causes of land degradation. Due to the use of increased fertilizers and pesticides in farming to increase farm output in new lands thereby leading to pollution of land, water and soil degradation. The degradation of land in any form is a matter of serious concern. It endangers the sustainability of agriculture. It is caused due to intensive cultivation. it causes a deficiency in the soil nutrients. Deforestation and overgrazing of animals cause exposure of soil to water and wind erosion. High use of nitrogen and water have caused percolation of nitrogen, and thus it has polluted the environment.

  • Deforestation


Agriculture is the largest cause of deforestation and severe forest degradation. Forests conversion involves removing natural forests to meet other land needs, such as plantations, agriculture, pasture for cattle settlements and mining. This process is usually irreversible. And, hence endangers the environmental. It has a negative impact on the environment. The most dramatic impact is a loss of habitat for millions of species. It also drives climate change. It is the major reason for extreme temperature swings. This extreme temperature swing can be harmful to plants and animals. Due to farming larger amount of greenhouse gaseous are entering into the atmosphere and has depleted the ozone layer.

  • Biodiversity

Agriculture is the main cause of biodiversity. As agriculture is becoming more and more commercialized, some plant and animal species have extinct. Habitat loss poses the greatest threat to speciess so must have crop insurance in Edmonton. It is probably the greatest threat to the variety of life on this planet today. There is a huge loss of forest and degradation due to the expansion of agricultural land. Cutting of the forest due to a