7 Most Common Environmental Problems that We are Facing Today

Most of the environmental problems that we are facing these days are all man-made. Nowadays we are too occupied with our daily life routines that sometimes we affect the environment without knowing. However, people need to be aware of what kinds of environmental problems our planet is facing. We must do our best efforts in helping to deal with the environmental problems that we have. The greatest way to start with that is by becoming aware of the environmental issues that we have today.

Here, We’re Going to put a Light on Some of the Major Environmental Problems that our Planet is Facing Today:

Garbage problem

This is a very common problem. Many people do not have proper knowledge in regard to the waste disposal, and thus they end up overlooking their garbage. This is evidenced by lots of waste material in improper areas. The best way to resolve this problem is by educating the people on garbage segregation.


Pollution of soil, water and air need millions of years to regain. The major cause of pollutants are industry and motor vehicle exhaust. Whereas plastic, metals, and nitrates are also accountable for pollution. Water pollution is normally generated by the oil spill, acid rain, urban runoff. Air pollution is generated by different gases discharged by industries. Soil pollution is majorly caused by industrial waste that seizes soil from basic nutrients.

Global Warming

Climate changes are the consequence of human practices. Global warming leads to increasing temperatures of the earth’ surface and oceans. As a matter of fact, it induces melting of polar ice caps, an increase in sea levels and also the cause of floods, extreme snow or desertification.


Farming is one of another significant source of environmental problems. Experimental techniques like generative engineering, use of compounds, and pesticides in crops are some of the factors. Moreover, the meat industry has also caused various environmental threats and issues. In order to deal with these issues, it is important to create consciousness among all people around the globe.

Loss of Biodiversity

These days human activity is leading to the extinction of various species and destruction of biodiversity. Ecosystems are in danger when any of the species group is decimating. The balance of pollination is essential to the survival of the eco-system and human activity endangers the same.

Ozone Layer Depletion

The ozone layer is a layer of protection that preserves us from the sun’s damaging rays. Moreover,  chemicals that are being in many household and cosmetic products are leading to the contribution in degradation of the ozone layer. As a result, we can get expose to the direct heat of the sun.

Acid Rain

Acid rain happens because of the presence of some pollutants in the atmosphere. The major cause of acid rain is the oxidization of fossil combustibles and volcanoes. Acid rain is one of the environmental problem that can affect human health, aquatic species and wildlife to a very large extent.

By increasing awareness in your community and families about these problems, you can contribute to a environment.